Questions To Ask Your DJ

1Do you offer a written contract?
Yes we do. The contract is posted out within 48 hours of us receiving your deposit, and it will show all the relevant information for your event. A contract is absolutely essential and any DJ/Band not using a written contract should not, in our opinion, be considered for a wedding reception.
2Will you be the DJ at our wedding?
When you book me then I will be the DJ who plays at your event, but if I’m not available I will recommend someone else from our team, and their name will be highlighted on your contract, and we will enclose some literature inside your envelope of the DJ I am providing.
3May we meet with you in person?
Certainly you can. My office is situated see below

Barney's Startrax Disco Roadshow
11 Glencraig Road
Co Antrim
BT36 5WJ

To book an appointment call us on 07801526339
4How long will you hold our date for us?
Your date is provisionally held for 10 days. After the 10 days your date is automatically released.
5How long have you been a DJ and how many weddings have you done?
I won’t say how many years, but I played at a girls wedding in 2013 and I also played at her mum & dads wedding in The Country House Hotel (now The Rosspark Hotel) a decade or two earlier. I can’t say exactly how many weddings I’ve played at, but it would be over the 1600 mark.
6How many other types of events do you play at?
I specialize in weddings, all ages of birthdays, engagements, christenings, communions, school formals, Christmas parties, and just about anything that needs musical entertainment.
7What makes you different from your competitors?
I don’t really know what I do differently than my competitors. I think my knowledge and reputation speaks for itself, so until my work starts to dry up, I don’t really need to worry about what the other guys and girls are up to.
8Have you played at our reception site before?
Well this question can only be answered when I know the venue, but there aren’t too many venues left in Northern Ireland that I haven’t played in?
9We saw you at a wedding last year, and would like to book you for our daughter’s wedding in Galway in 2024, (a bit out of the way), would this be a problem?
Unfortunately I cover a lot of weddings in southern Ireland but I only go as far as Dundalk, Donegal, Cavan, Carlingford, Sligo, Louth, Meath & Monaghan.
10What if something happens to you and you can’t make it to the wedding?
I’m well in to my 3rd decade and the only date I never covered was Simone & Johnny’s wedding on Tuesday 27th September 2011, when I was so ill I literally couldn’t get out of bed, so I spoke to Simone the day before, explained the situation, and she was fine to take another DJ from our team. Even when my mum died on 21st April 2014 I had a wedding that evening and it was a fantastic night. Her words would’ve been, “The Show Must Go On”
11Can we visit you at a performance?
A lot of DJs will say no to this, and tell you it’s not nice to intrude on someone’s big day, but I have had this request lots of times, and once I explain to my couple that someone will be popping their head in for 10 minutes in the evening, they don’t really mind. If however a couple said no, then it’s a NO.
12How involved can we be in selecting music for our event?
I welcome all our bride & grooms and guests to get involved in the music selection. I have also been asked to provide personalised request cards, and I have been known to post a ‘request a song’ on the clients Facebook page.
13Do you take requests from our guests?
Yes I do, the more the merrier.
14How long does it take you to set up for our wedding?
Approximately 45 minutes.
15What will you wear to our wedding?
My uniform is all black. Black shoes, black trousers and black company polo shirt.
16How much of a deposit is required to secure our date?
Our deposit is £100 (non refundable) for entertainment, and £50 (non refundable) for the photobooth or LED Dancefloor.
17How Can I Pay My Deposit?
There are a few options.
Bank Transfer is probably the best option.
Sort Code: 950679
Acc Number: 20099376
Acc Name: Startrax Disco

Deposit: £100.00
Cheques made payable to:
Startrax Disco
18What is included in the cost of my event?
5 Hour evening entertainment
100 evening complimentary invitations
19Are you insured?
Yes I have £10 million Public Liability Insurance – Click To View Certificate
20Do you take any breaks?
If there is an evening buffet I usually take a 15 minute break and the music level is dropped down and there is easy listening background music playing.
21Do you have a wireless microphone?
Yes I have a wireless microphone. Always good for speeches, presentations etc, or if someone wants to say a few words from their table.
22Do you belong to any professional associations or trade groups?
Yes. I am privileged to belong to the WDJA - The Wedding DJ Alliance

The WDJA is dedicated to the Wedding DJ and Wedding Disco Specialist. It promotes to brides & grooms the advantages of booking an experienced, professional DJ to provide their wedding entertainment.

23We have a band booked, would this be a problem?
No, definitely not. I play alongside lots of bands, and I always make sure I’m there early enough to set up side by side, so that your night runs smoothly with no disruptions. I’m also on hand to do your 1st dance, father/daughter dance before handing over to your band. There is also a slight reduction in your price if I play alongside a band.
24I wanted a band but they can be very costly. If I booked your disco do you think you could keep all age groups entertained for a full evening?
Of course I can, and I have done for over 20 years.
25View or print my catalogue
Click the link to browse or print my catalogue – Click To View

DJ v Band

Plays the Original Songs – Why listen to cover versions?
I Play the tunes most wedding bands play in their standard sets
DJ Volume can be controlled – Bands normally play at a set level – too loud too bad
DJ Playing Time Std 5 Hours v Band Std Playing time 2.5 Hrs max
DJ Will play your favourite songs and take requests – Bands will most likely have a Fixed Set List
DJ Takes up less room if space limited
DJ significantly more cost effective than band